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POLYTUBES Events Database Update (Only for Project Partners)

NoPartner Short NamePartner Full NameName of PersonType of EventName of EventVenueStart DateEnd DateThematic RelevancePriorityWeb LinkAdditional InfoApprovalDate of Approval
1IPUInstituttet for ProductudviklingDr. Mogens ArentoftProject MeetingProject Kick-Off MeetingCopenhagen, Denmark15-Sep-200915-Sep-2009HighHigh Yes01-Sep-2009
2SYSSYSMELEC S.A.Dipl. Eng. Denis BubendorfProject MeetingWP1 and WP2 MeetingGals, Switzerland16-Nov-200917-Nov-2009HighHigh Yes01-Nov-2009
3STRUniversity of StrathclydeDr. Yi QinProject Meeting6 months meetingGlasgow, UK24-Mar-201025-Mar-2010HighHigh Yes01-Mar-2010
4IVFSwerea IVF ABDr. Ioannis ChronakisProject MeetingWP2 MeetingGothenburg, Sweden10-Jun-201011-Jun-2010HighHigh Yes20-Apr-2010
5ANTANTER Ltd.Dr. Nikolaos MekrasProject Meeting15 months meetingAthens, Greece27-Sep-201029-Sep-2010HighHigh Yes20-Apr-2010
6SYSSYSMELEC S.ADipl. Eng. Denis BubendorfProject Meeting18 months meetingGals, Switzerland14-Feb-201116-Feb-2011HighHigh Yes28-Sep-2010
7ANTANTER Ltd.Dr. Nikolaos MekrasConferenceEuroNanoForum 2011Budapest, Hungary30-May-201101-Jun-2011  http://www.euronanoforum2011.euEuroNanoForum is a biannual event supported by the European Commission.  
8ANTANTER Ltd.Dr. Nikolaos MekrasConferencePLM11Eindhoven, Netherlands11-Jul-201113-Jul-2011  http://www.plm-conference.orgInternational Conference on Product Lifecycle Management  
9ANTANTER Ltd.Dr. Nikolaos MekrasConferenceNanomaterials 2011London, UK07-Jun-201109-Jun-2011   
10ANTANTER Ltd.Dr. Nikolaos MekrasFairHANNOVER MESSE 2011Hannover, Germany04-Apr-201108-Apr-2011  www.hannovermesse.deInternational Technology Fair  

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Polytubes 6-months meeting 24-25 Mar. 2010

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